Francis Newton Souza

A spectacular FRANCIS NEWTON SOUZA pristine provenance, of historical significance - an art treasure - depicting an important historical/religious theme; suggesting the artist in his famed 'Christianity series' mode. This is a rare collector's item. A fully authenticated painting. The work is in our Karachi Gallery. The work is depicting the figure of Jesus Christ in his final moments before being Crucified. It tells the story of The Christ carrying the Cross to his own Crucifixion. It’s therefore titled 'Christ Way To Eternal Life'. An exceptional work, it’s the artist's most significant painting from his religious themes, suggesting the sacrifice of Christ, leading to the ultimate salvation. This painting is loaded in historical value. A timeless masterpiece.

Farina Najam

Farina Najam is a young graduate with an MFA degree in painting from the College of Art and Design, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan (2015 to date) and a BFA in painting from institute of design & Visual Arts Lahore College for Women University, Lahore (2010 -2014). The artist paints primarily in enamels on canvas and explores human … Continue reading Farina Najam